Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Debt Collector.

Dingy bars, the smell of cheap hooker perfumes, drunks in tattered cloths. Not the kind of place he normally picked up overdue debtors. Taverns and back alleys, they roused memorize of hardship; when he was starting out.

He was looking for Lamie, that was the nick name for Lampani the son of the late powerful Don Gusto who's legend had now been soiled by his sons who squandered the empire which he left behind.

Now Lamie owed both Russians and the Italians.

Seth had been hired separately and rarely jointly by the Italian Mafia families and the Russian drugs and arms dealers for hits on people who owed them money.

He had now been established as the most efficient hit man on the streets, untraceable, clean and untouchable.

This night had been thought out and preplanned detail for detail. Seth hoped for Lamie's own sake that he would be drunk. That the alcohol would dull the gut wrenching and tear drawing pain that he was going to administer. By Pius.

From time to time over the last few months Seth had thought of how his 'work' had affected him and how now he had almost gotten used to it. An analysis of the development from the novice to the dexterous. In the beginning the nightmares were horrible almost unbearable; being woken up by screams of men who he had tortured, he saw blood on his hands in each and everyone of them, he jumped up in the middle of the nights screaming, the sheets of his bed drenched in perspiration, his fingers folded into firm fists. The frequency and intensity of the dreams had reduced over the years. He had become hardened, a few things, no matter how skewed and warped, phased him.

It was 1:43am when he walked into the inn, almost all the patrons were heavily imbibed; Seth knew it would be so by that time; this would ensure the vagueness and obscurity of future accounts by all present if anyone came asking over the next few days. One of those present who was not drunk was Mickie who owned the den and who was also at the counter. Mickie was one of those who used Seth when he was new. Now Mickie had nothing but the utmost reverence for him. Now when Seth walked in a sheepish smile disgustingly graced Mickie's face.

People like Seth, they live and thrive on fear. It was this that brought him here. Mickie's Tavern was just a front for pushing cheap drugs and old guns that had been sold over and over again. Mickie knew more than anyone how a man with ties like Seth's would make business really bad for him and Seth sensed it...this is why Seth came here for his first clue on where Lamie would be hiding..... By Pius.

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